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April 05, 2009


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Sue Jones

Your description is entertaining.

I would love to try a new adhesive - & hope it works well. Will look for it in the B B stores to purchase

thanks - sue

Bethany Hardy

I'm for it....especially if I get a day off. :) I've never tried that adhesive before...Hope I get some!

Jennifer R

I agree, every day should be a craft related holiday. I'd love to win and try out some new adhesive!


I think there should be 365 450 days!


Yep, it's good with me. Any reason to scrap and celebrate scrapping sounds like a winner to me.

serena repsold

I can think of at least 450 reasons to celebrate anything that is scrap related!


I'm all for that...count me in.

Jen H

I say that sounds like a fine day!

Karen Patterson

Why not have a national 450 day.........

Jennifer Priest

Yeah adhesives are wayyyyy more important than raisins! LOL Count me in!


Any reason to create is a good one, so I'm all for it!


ANy day that involves crafting is a holiday for sure!

Tish Treadaway

You have my vote! I'm always looking for an occasion to celebrate scrapbooking and papercrafting!!!


Sounds like a wonderful holiday - Cheers to 450 Day!!!


Shoot...everyone else has a day, why not us?! Thanks for the chance to win! :)


I would vote for it! us scrapbookers love the glue!

Lynda aka alrlsmom

Wow...great holiday for sure...I would sign up...love the 450!!!


I'll be celebrating any day that means I get to craft all day!!

silvia haynes

Happy 450 day!!!! :)

brandon owens

Yea---I'll help you petition for the Natl Holiday!!

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