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December 17, 2011


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Doris Widder

WOW Fabulous pin!!! I love the extra umph the gold doodles add to it. Never would have thought of that! Gorgeous work! Love the text, glitter, colors, flower, EVERYTHING! TFS!


Love this idea. Another use for something I already have. And I have been saving egg shells ever since the last tutorial, just so I can make pins. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Dee in N.H.

Oh my goodness! That is just gorgeous!! You are amazing True! I can't wait to give this a try!

True :D

Thanks to everyone for all of your sweet comments.
I love making these pins and am glad you like them or are inspired to make them too. :)

True :D


Love this pin True! I can not wait to give it a try along with the eggshell pin (I have eggshells dried and egg shells soaking as I write!). Thank you once again for the wonderful inspiration.


This is really beautiful true-love the extra steps to make it special.
You are always so creative
Thanks for sharing

Carolyn King

Another stunning pin! Love it True!

Barbara Moore

Wow your tutorial is great! I love the pin and love how you mixed mediums to create it. Super job!


love how this yurned out and can't wait to try this one! Beautiful work!!!

carisa zglobicki

beautiful, True! Now I want to go mix some decoupage! :D


I love your pins, True:D. I want to make some now so bad. I thought your eggshell one was amazing, but I think I like this one even more!!

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