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March 06, 2013


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simply stopping by to say hello
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Огромная благодарность всем оставившим отзыв.

Kate V

Very cute, Grace! I love the ballerina one. :)


I love how you "shopped" early and were able to utilize them. great ideas. you have a wonderful scroll handwriting. cute projects for all the artists in your life!


GORGEOUS projects, I have some chalk spray, now just need to get my paws on the Crystal Kote!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

TracyM #6773

PS - I really appreciated you sharing how the Crystal Kote made it lighter and how you fixed it too - it is very good of you to make sure we are all well prepared :)

TracyM #6773

WOW - these are really great Grace - THANK YOU for sharing your tutorial and inspiration!!!

Your event should be super successful and I am sure everyone will have heaps of fun :)


Love all the boards! You have definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities of being creative....Thank you for sharing!

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