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October 30, 2013


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Wow.. this is cool.. who knew all the times I played with glue I coulda been making spiderwebs.. and not fake nails.. like my classmates!! Lolol.. Wish I saw this when I had glitter.. oh wait.. let me shake my hair and get the leftovers from my last episode of at home Sparkle with my daughter!! We have glitter everywhere! Helmar is so lucky to have your creativity .. heck YOU for that matter Sandee!! Gonna try this today with Brook!!!


SO clever! Love your project.

Sandy :)

I love the web what a fabulous idea it looks really cool..

Tracey Sabella

What an adorable project!! Love these sparkly spiders and your web totally rocks!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Ava Gavloski

Sandee, this is the cutest halloween decor i have seen that is a sure winner with the kids!!!!!!!! All the parents will be thrilled to see this project and will quickly get their Helmar Craft and Hobby glue out to make one of these. Great details and perfect showcasing of the Helmar Products.

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