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August 29, 2014


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Oh my!!! I need to try this!!

Jean Marmo

Well - how cooL!


now this looks intriguing I have never had much luck, or much practice using a glue gun for anything, so I don't think stencils would be a good idea, but using this foam glue looks awesome. Must get this glue.

Tamiko McCurry

First and foremost.. Awesome Awesome Idea!! Can't wait to give this a try!! I am one of those people who appreciates the creative process as how things are made.. When I make my own.. I prefer that they don't look like the artist from which I gathered my inspirations from.. unless we really share that same vision/fondness...

Secondly, Working with glue guns would be a DANGEROUS thing in my home! I have a daughter with autism. She is mesmerized with gadgets. I would possible wake up one and find some tragic event!! :) Thank YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

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