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April 10, 2015


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This one is great. give some time to our website about varicose vein treatment and several other things, good for skin.


LL50220...awesome!! I would think they would work on a clay pot but I would use my Helmar 450 to adhere it onto the pot and then use a varnish over it to protect it!


I love what you've done!! I am waiting for my first 'skin' to dry, however I used a pouring medium tho. Have a question since I love to paint terra cotta pots-do you think the 'skin' would work as decoupage on a pot?

Libby Robertson

Never would have thought to sew the skins! Great idea! Love the dimension!


Amazing. Great pictures to show this is the product to get. Now to see if Joanns carries it at my store. I hope to be making skins this weekend. Thanks!!

Vicki- Ann :)

Love that blue it's so pretty.. Clever use of the skin as leaves on your canvas.


I wondered if other mediums would work!! Glad to see you like to challenge those that tell you it won't work. Love these sounds!!!

Tamiko McCurry

Awesomely done!! My *skin* doesn't look like that! With out without Decoupage!! This was awesomely executed!!

Tracey Sabella

Wow, what a fabulous use of Decoupage Paste!! You totally rocked this challenge, Sandee!! ~ Blessings

Jean Marmo

So very cooL!

Donna Lueders

Wow, you were very creative with your skins. They turned out beautiful and I love the canvas you made with one. Good job!!


Wow!! This is amazing. I so love the dimensional look on the canvas. I must give this technique a try!

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