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June 26, 2015


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steph ackerman

This is amazing. Love how it turned out.

Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell

I like it!! Wish I was a ferry so I could go and enjoy it.!!!

Vicki- Ann :)

Wow I am gobsmacked how you come up with all the little bits that go into making your Fairy Lodge. I just love the wand holder that had me looking at that twice how cute is that. Awesome stuff right there.. I love the ladder and the glitter.. The roof is amazing with all the moss and bits. I just hope that if your creek ever floods you can grab it before all the fairy's could loose there wonderful lodge. Love it to bits..

Vicki Loichinger

I want a fairy house. How adorable is this.

Sharon Estes

I love the fairy lodge, can my fairies come for a weekend visit?
love your work Sandee I am in AWE..and I love the Helmar glues they are just great, I may send some fairy dust along with Meko LOL. We designers need to stick togethers with Helmars..

Jean Marmo

Wow - speechless!


This is fabulous, Sandee!!! Thanks so much for sharing your fairy lodge :)


This post is like Christmas!! Now whats the number to the resort, fairies like me will come far and wide to see and play and sprinkle fairy dust!! Awesome!!

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