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July 08, 2015


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steph ackerman

Love your collages!

Kathleen Pharis

FANTASTIC idea - and perfect timing for me! I just got my own Traveler's Notebook set up, made the cover myself, and had plans to create my own inserts with some of the mountains of scrapbooking papers I've collected. But THIS - what a perfect way to use some of the art I've made over the last year! Thanks so much for this wonderful idea!!!

April Lopez

This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing. I also love the glossy cover. It's gorgeous.


Love this. I love the idea of making your own journal. I started to make one over the 4th from the brown packing paper that Amazon puts in the boxes. I am not sure how to put them together, but I love the idea of a folder.

kath white

Love this journal cover. So fun and imaginative. Helmare Krystal Cote is awesome!

Helen Cooke

Love your journal covers - simply brilliant and thank you for your step by step guide!

Jean Marmo

So cooL!

Anna Ely

Love the covers. They would be so inspirational to work in! I like the Gloss coat on them.


Love your journal cover, your collages are always so much fun to look at, and that shine from the Krystal Cote is awesome!!

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