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Altered Notebook by Amanda

Hellloooooo Everyone......

Today is my first post here on the Helmar blog.

I have done some experimenting to create an Altered Norebook.


Step 1

I have taken the covers off the notebook,

then done some stencilling on the outside.


Step 2

I have cut some cheesecloth and using the Craft & Hobby PVA Glue

(gloves are a must or you will be peeling it off your hands for ages...LOL)

saturate the cheesecloth and then work it into a nest type shape once dry it will harden.


Step 3

I have used Super-Tac Glue to attach all the pieces to the front cover.


Step 4

Paint with 2 coats of Black Gesso, making sure all the white areas are covered.


Step 5

I have sprayed with some shimmer spray, then used some waxes to bring out the detail.


Step 6

I have cut some paper to line the inside, ink around the edges with black

then using the Super-Tac Glue adhere to the inside covers.

8 8b

Step 7

Finished covers touched up with a bit of metallique paint and waxes.

Then I have sprayed both the inside and outside with Crystal Kote Matte Spray

so that everything is sealed.


I hope you have enjoyed this project and feel inspired.






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