Moody Blues Layout

Morning Helmar followers and fans, today I will be sharing with you a layout that has many layers its all paper and I have used my all time favorite Helmar 450 glue t create it. 

Many don't like 450 for this type of project as it dries so quickly but that's where you can use Helmar Acid Free Glue which will allow you the time to be able to lift and move your layers better than the 450.

My take on layouts is now that I will complete the majority of them in my art journals so the journals will contain a mixture of everything I do. This page has been completed on an A4 sizing roughly.


To create this LO  I started with my base which was chalk paint and patterned paper .

  once this section was completed I started adding my paper layers one of the things I really love about Helmar 450 is the small amount I need to use you will see from the below picture I have really only used a super fine line and this way my papers don't buckle but will stick and hold forever.


I continued with my layers only using the smallest amount of glue on each including the flowers 


You will see how little have used on the various layers as they all are not flushly stuck down but believe this adds depth and dimension  


This is my LO completed without the photo and as you can see the layers are all holding nicely

412431006_742093697416286_801547216624001141_n 412588621_1660990257763241_3218112823193803011_n

I hope you have enjoyed my share and I look forward to sharing my next project with you.

Happy creating Kim 

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